One of the oldest and best known accelerated corrosion test is the salt spray test. It provides a controlled corrosive environment and is used to produce corrosion-resistance data for specimens of materials. This environment is maintained throughout the duration of the test. With visual inspection following this test the suitability of coatings, paints etc. can be determined.

The salt spray testing is popular and is used in many industries and are generally suitable as corrosion test for quick analysis and quality control purposes, but they are only suitable if the coatings are sufficiently similar in nature.

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A salt spray test is the standard method to test for corrosion on materials and surface coatings. Normally this type of test involves a metallic material with a surface coating applied with the intention of providing protection against corrosion on the metal.

In normal circumstance it could take months or years for salts to corrode metals through surface coatings, but by using the salt spray test you can accelerate corrosion rapidly. The duration of the salt spray test is dependent on how corrosion resistance the coating is pre-determined, generally the more resistant a coating is the longer the test will run.

The salt spray test has for a long time now been the most popular and established corrosion test of choice. This method of corrosion test is popular due to the fact its relatively cheap with quick results.

The usual apparatus used for testing consists of a chamber/cabinet, where a salt solution it atomized from a nozzle of pressured air. This method will produce a dense salt mist which puts the subject in a severely corrosive environment. Depending on the material being tested, various salt spray solutions should be used, as an example the most common test for steel is the NSS (Neutral salt spray test).

At ascott we offer a variety of salt spray testing products, and our corro salt product is our most popular. The salts we offer are of the highest purity salt and can be used for the stringent ASTM B117 tests.

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