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T01-21000 - Standard 60° 1-100GU 995.00
T01-21001 - Standard 60°/20°/Haze 1-100GU/HU 1,295.00
T01-21002 - Advanced (Top) 60° 1-100GU 1,095.00
T01-21003 - Advanced (Top) 60°/20°/Haze 1-100GU/HU 1,395.00

Gloss Meter Calibration Certificate (additonal GBP 25.00)

Calibration Tile Calibration Certificate (additonal GBP 25.00)

Recharger PAT Certificate (additional GBP 25.00)

The Stargloss Glossmeter is essential where an aesthetic appearance of the coating finish is required and to ensure uniformity of the surface finish.The gloss value is determined by directing a light, which has a similar wavelength to the human eye, at the test surface and measuring the amount of specular reflection. Gloss is measured with angles of 60° and 20°. The 60° angle is universal for all applications. The 20° angle gives improved differentiation of measurement on high-gloss coatings above 70 gloss units.Haze measurement is required where high-gloss surfaces have a low reflection contrast. The Haze measurement is the difference between readings taken with the 20° and 60° angles, complying with International Standard ASTM D4039. The Stargloss will automatically calculate the Haze reading.The Haze function is only available on combined 60°/20° models.
Available in models of Standard and Top. All functions are easily accessible through a menu-driven back-lit display.
All models are supplied in an Industrial Foam-Filled Carrying Case with Gloss Tile and Recharger. Top Models also come with USB Download Cable and Download Software.

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Stargloss Gloss Meters
Accessory for
Not Applicable
Part Number
T01-21000 to T01-21003
+/- 1%
ISO 2813, ISO 7668, BS 6161-12, BS 3900-D5, ASTM D 523, ASTM D 1455, ASTM D 584, ASTM D4039, DIN 67530,
AS 1580-602.2 and ECCA T2
Features and Benefits
Small and portable, the Stargloss is one of the most advanced Gloss Meters available. By using tungsten halogen lamps and
optical filters the light source has a similar spectro-response to the human eye, giving true human photo-optic performance,
which is essential for ensuring exact compliance to International Standards. Optical bench accuracy and stability are obtained
by the optics being set in a precision-engineered aluminium block.
Dimensions and Weights (packed)
20 x 30 x 8 cm / 1 kg
Calibration Certificate
Available at extra cost (tick box above)
1 year

Includes: ship building, bridges, oil platforms, automotive, steel masts, pylons, railways, aerospace, construction, pipelines,
tankers, storage tanks, plant machinery, road building, utility companies, flooring companies, sea water construction,

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